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                           Jani-One  Floor Maintenance

For a healthy facility you need the best cleaning equipment that goes beyond the traditional mopping system. Jani-One's system is a combination of hospital grade disinfectants for our surgical facilities/medical offices.

We have switched to using a flat mop system following OSHA protocols that remove more dust, dirt and grime which, in turn, produces an extremely healthier and cleaner environment.

Our team of experienced Floor Technicians have over twenty-five years experience working with many different floor compositions. We know your floors are an investment and in order to maintain them for years to come you must have a company knowledgeable in the proper care of each floor type.

We demonstrate through our "Core Care 1 System" our years of experience in stripping and resealing floors in your medical suites and operating rooms following all OSHA guidelines.


We use the Flat Mop System
We maintain all composite floors
Jani-One's Floor Care System #7
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buffing floors.jpg
ROSA Cleaning Warehouse Floor
Jani-One is Experienced in Machine Scrubbing Your Warehouse Floors
The appearance of your floors is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your facility. A well maintained lobby floor reflects a positive image of you and your company. Our experienced floor technicians can maintain your natural stone floors in pristine condition while helping maintain your investment.
We service and maintain marble, limestone, sandstone, quarry, bamboo and concrete floors.
Northside Plastic Surgery Center
Northside Plastic Surgery Pre Op
Jani-One finished strip & wax of the surgical center at Northside Plastic Surgery Center, Alpharetta 2018-2019
northside plastic surgery center floors.
Jani-One's floor technicians can make your floor Great Again.
Steam Carpet Cleaning
before and after carpet cleaning
Before & After Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning
Jani-One, Atlanta LLL   Registered Georgia Business
Doing Business in the state of Georgia
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