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Our mission is simple, to provide quality services at an affordable price. As a progressive and innovative company, we are always mindful of the adverse affects of toxic chemicals and waste that are harmful to our environment and the work place. Taking this into consideration we are leading the way in using natural, non toxic, cleaning solutions that we make ourselves. 
Our goal is to recruit, train and employ only the best in the cleaning industry.   
If you are tired of not getting what you pay for and on a consistent basis, Jani-One has the answers to turn everyday into a clean and happy day.  We give you our Promise of Excellence and guarantee our work to meet your satisfaction.
We get the job done, consistently.  You can concentrate on your job and leave the cleaning up to us. Jani-One Cleaning 
hires and trains only the best cleaning technicians in the cleaning industry. Most of current cleaners have been with our company 10-18 years. We have maintained a dependable and experienced work force by hiring and training staff that take great pride in their job performance. We all work as a term to ensure customer satisfaction.
OSHA Trained & Certified
Jani-One Cleaning shares your concerns about the health and cleanliness of your office space, rest rooms and your facility's workout rooms as well. I'd like to set your minds at ease about our company's protocols when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting gyms and rest rooms. Our staff is trained in the manual application of hospital grade disinfectants and the proper measuring of solutions that are registered by the EPA and certified safe on all surfaces at killing the flu virus, Aids and the Coronavirus. Our staff is trained in the exact, dwell times, for our solutions to be effective.
In March, our company made the decision to switch our solutions that we normally clean counters and hard surfaces with and started using hospital grade disinfectants, the same disinfectants used in pre op and medical centers. 
We are offering this critical protocol for all of our contract customers. 

Commercial Office Cleaning & Facilities Management 

Jani-One cleans:
Class A Offices
Medical & Dental
Manufacturing & Industrial

Jani-One Atlanta has taken office cleaning to the very highest standard of cleanliness. Jani-One has thirty years experience in every phase of facility management from window cleaning, deep cleaning, floors, day porter services and night janitorial. We have put protocols into action that helps ensure your office is not just surface clean but deep cleaned. We put our reputation on the line so it's not just words but our promise of excellence. We promise you, we will listen to your concerns, make suggestions if asked, and do our very best to deliver exactly what you asked for, consistently. You have our guarantee.
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Floor Scrubber.jpg
The appearance of your office floors says a lot about your company so let us help you maintain your valuable floor investment. Remember, You never get a second chance at making a great first impression. We maintain Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Quarry, Bamboo, VCT, LVT and concrete floors.
HEPA Filter Vacuums
Friendly Staff
Honest & Reliable

Jani-One Commercial Cleaning Company


Detailed Cleaning is Critical to A Healthy & Safe Work Environment.

Jani-One's Advanced Cleaning Protocol #7 means when you hire Jani-One to maintain your offices, large or small, you
are getting a company that employs the best in the work force. Our staff is trained, experienced in all phases of janitorial and office cleaning. If you are tired of the constant complaints about less than clean and sanitary rest rooms, or dusty desks, work stations and dirty floors we can and will provide you with the best of the best in cleaning services.
Out cleaning protocols is the GOLD standard in the industry and we prove this to our clients by providing a consistent clean office after every visit. Our teams vacuum every night taking the time to clean underneath furniture and along the edges to remove dust and dirt. We dust nightly, using microfiber cloths, to maintain the highest level of cleanliness. We sweep and mop on each visit making sure your floors looks their very best. We also provide Green Cleaning services as well as the very best "hospital grade disinfecting cleaning services based on OSHA guidelines. We take our business seriously and in doing so we have a project manager that makes weekly visits to all facilities to make sure our standards always meet your highest expectations. 
Jani-One doesn't just promise you a consistent service, we guarantee it.

Heading 1

brouchure 10.jpg
Shining Bright Work
microfiber Cloths
Before our crew deep cleaned
Before Deep Cleaning
After Deep Cleaning
After Deep Cleaning by Jani-One

                                WHAT KIND OF SERVICES DOES JANI-ONE PROVIDE?
                                                     SEE OUR COMPREHENSIVE LIST BELOW:

Night Janitorial Services- Office & Common Areas

Night Janitorial

1   Empty trash and replaced soiled liners, take to collection point
2.  Vacuum carpeting going beneath desks and tables and along the wall.
3.  Clean & Sanitize drinking fountains
4.  Dust & Sanitize telephones, light switches and 
5.  Dust desks and all furniture at each visit
6.  High dust monthly to remove cobwebs
7.  Spot clean glass entrance doors
8.  Vacuum walk-off mats
9.  Damp wipe horizonal surfaces to remove fingerprints & water spots
10.Vaccum non carpeted floors and mop using a neutral cleaner
11 Mop all tile in medical facilities with hospital grade disinfectant solution
12.Replenish hand soap, toilet tissue and hand towels
14 Spot clean partition glass
15 Inspect facility and place everything into the proper position
16 We provide professional disinfecting services for COVID-19

Restroom Disinfect & Cleaning

Attention to details
Shining Bright Work

1   Replenish hand soap, hand towels and toilet tissue
2.  Vacuum or sweep tile
3   Damp mop, using a disinfect solution
4.  Gather trash and replace soiled liners, take to collection point
5   Spot clean mirrors
6. Scrub toilets & urinals 
7  Clean & shine facets to remove smudges and water spots
8  Disinfect light switches and doorknobs
9. Wet wipe partitions
10 Wipe off dispenser covers

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