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Jani-One Atlanta is a local, professional, commercial cleaning company, serving the Atlanta area for over 29 years. Jani-One is not your usual company that promises to provide your facility with consistent cleaning but over time things start to slip and then you're unhappy. That won't happen with Jani-One, We say what we will do and we do it consistently whether it's 5 months or 20 years. Your satisfaction is our reputation and we value our brand and reputation. 

Medical & Dental Office Cleaning

Your office is a reflection on you and you want the appearance of your facility being clean and welcoming. In reality, the office is the home away from home to millions of people and if the carpets, floors and restrooms are well maintained it means a more productive workplace. Just to appear clean isn't good enough anymore. Cleaning should smell clean not just look clean. Jani-One's sales staff will create a program tailored to your, individual, needs and budget. We will listen to you, write it down and promise to address your concerns and make sure these issues are never a problem. 

Why choose Jani-One Atlanta for your cleaning needs? It's simple-experience and consistency. Jani-One has an experienced and workforce that is trained in the use of all chemicals and cleaning solutions. There is a huge difference between surface cleaning and deep cleaning your office. Our teams deep clean to ensure that your office is the very best it can be. Our teams vacuum beneath desks and chairs and take the time to vacuum close to the wall's edge. All workers have a clean understanding of chemicals because they understand the adverse effect on the health and well- being of all office staff. also, adhering to the manufacture's instructions of dwell time, the proper amount to leave the chemical on the surface to work properly and to kill germs especially Covid-19. A trained worker is knowledgeable in all aspects of cleaning. Hiring the right company means placing a worker in your offices that can read and understand the labels of all products used. 

At Jani-One Atlanta we don't merely hire somebody and turn them loose into a facility. We train and vet them and then they work. on site, with a supervisor for as long as it takes to become familiar with your facility. After they have proven they understand their tasks and are knowledgeable with the chemicals and cleaning products they are to use then Jani-One makes sure that the schedule is maintained for the life of the contract by making regular spot checks on the work progress. Every job is inspected regularly to meet our high standards of excellence. After all, we guarantee our services, and we value your business and trust in our capable hands to deliver what you are paying for. 


We share your concerns about the health and well being of your office staff and are taking every step to ensure our workers wear masks, gloves and are trained in all aspects of cross-contamination.


Our workers sanitize counters, light switches and doorknobs using Lysol wipes.

Flat Mops for Medical

We use Flat Mops for medical facilities and operating suites.
Our cleaners always use a hospital grade disinfectant mopping solution for all tile floors. Desk, counter, toilets and telephones are sanitized on every visit to reduce the germs that are known to spread Covid-19.

Medical Facility
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We clean a broad range of facilities, all with specific needs, to maintain their very best appearance and clean environment. Whether you are a bank, industrial facility, Class A office building, sports arena, medical/dental office or out patient surgical facility, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services promoting the highest level of cleanliness and healthy work environment.
It's true, medical/healthcare facility are more unique than all other facilities in that there is so much at stake in the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of every room and area in the facility. Out patient/medical facilities require training and expertise of cleaning specialists dedicated to ensuring everything is cleaned and disinfected using the proper, hospital grade cleaning solutions and the most advanced equipment to help prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria caused by cross contamination. Our senior staff member has the advantage of over twelve years working as a surgical technician and now incorporates her knowledge into Jani-One's medical training program. With Jani-One, you can be assured that our commercial, cleaning company delvers results that you need a require.
Our medical "Core" Program 101 consist of trained team members working in all level of medical offices and following strict cleaning/disinfecting protocols set forth by the CDC, OSHA and AORN. Our high standards for terminal cleaning has developed the most prestigious standards and practices maintained for the care, health and safety of the patients and medical staff.
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 You've invested years and alot of money into your medical office and out patient clinic so investing in the best commercial cleaning company with extensive knowledge in disinfecting and the protocols involved in assuring that your operating rooms (clean rooms) and your patients are in good hands is crutical to your bottom line, your reputation and patient satisfaction. At Jani-One we put all of our years of training and knowledge into delivering the results expected following a methodical process and, daily, check list making sure that all areas have been properly disinfected and nothing overlooked.
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