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Commercial Cleaning 2022

With so much concern over the past two years with COVID 19 and now COVID Omicron, it's even more important to maintain a clean & healthy work environment. I know you are concerned if the person cleaning your offices is a true cleaning professional? Anybody can sweep a floor or mop but are they knowledgeable in chemicals to be used to mop the tile floors? Do they know what to use and the proper amount? These are important questions to ask.

If you are looking to hire a cleaning company for the first time or if you are looking to change companies, as owner and manager of Jani-One Atlanta, I had extensive training in the medical industry working many years as a surgical assistant responsible for making sure the medical facility is disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants. I have passed on my knowledge and expertise to our cleaning teams and make sure that they have only the best EPA registered chemicals and are trained in their application. Call 678.773.1170 for more information.

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