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Germs in today's Environment

Choosing the right commercial cleaning company in the COVID-19 era!

We are in a different place in today's economy and workplace with so many concerns about the cleanliness of your office. I get it, you are concerned that your cleaning company is using the right solutions in ensure killing germs and bacteria. Are the toilet seats disinfected? Are kitchen counters not just clean but are they wiped down with a hospital grade disinfect? You have too much to worry about without adding on these concerns. Let me reassure you that Jani-One teams are trained in cross contamination as well as the proper use of disinfectants. We wipe down telephones, light switches, doorknobs and toilet seat and flush handles. We go the extra mile in helping to keep your offices as clean and disinfected as we possibly can. Feel free to call us at 678.773.1170 to discuss our cleaning protocols.

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