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 Jani-One, Atlanta's Quality Assurance Program is Paramount to our Success. We believe that "Documentation Beats Conversation" and that one must take Total Accountability in his and her actions.  This is so vital in the day to day operation of any business and especially the service industry.  At Jani-One, we have devised a unique, computerized maintenance system for the following reason:  the internal control of tasks for which our company are held responsible and for keeping our valued clients informed of all cleaning and our total maintenance program on track.

Our Jani-One, Atlanta managers will meet with all property managers performing a walk through of your property quarterly or as often as you would like so that we can stay on top of the cleaning and everything pertaining to our maintenance program. We are dedicated to all our clients and treat each one as if they are our only customer, we really do. Before our company began, Deborah Thompkins saw the need for a more pristine service, one that lasted for years not for months.  She also saw the great advantage of doing business with other Georgia businesses not reached our to nation companies that are controlled in other states where Customer Service isn't as much a high prioty as the number of accounts they collect. Jani-One is locally owned and locally operated to service our state and our city Atlanta and surrounding counties. 
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Consistent Cleaning-Guaranteed
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