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 COVID-19: We Are Here For You
Jani-One Atlanta is your COVID-19 disinfecting professional. The owner, D Thompkins has a background in the medical profession which gives Jani-One an advantage over most companies that have no formal training in the application of disinfecting solutions which applied incorrectly has no effect at all. The disinfectants that our company uses are guaranteed EPA registered and OSHA tested and approved as 100% effective at killing not only the coronavirus but many other dangerous viruses as well.
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Coronavirus is a virus identified, more specifically, a coronavirus identified as the cause of an outbreak of a respiratory illness first detected in China. 
COVID-19 is believed to spread mainly through close contact with other people, a person-to-person.
There has been so much information to digest over the past few months it's difficult to absorb it all. We do know know that there are EPA registered disinfectants that have been tested and approved by the CDC as killing the virus when applied properly and following the CDC's strict protocol and guidelines. 
When hiring a company to disinfect after COVID-19 or any other highly contagious disease it's critical to hire a company with experience and training in the use of hospital grade disinfectants. Jani-One's technicians are fully trained in not only how to properly mix the solutions but how to apply them using the correct, professional dwell time to be effective. 
Jani-One's disinfecting team uses only EPA registered, OSHA tested and approved disinfects following OSHA'S strict protocols.  The disinfectants we use are guaranteed to kill the coronavirus and many other contagious illnesses within minutes.
Jani-One's  disinfecting application process includes:
Electrostatic sprayers and manually applications.
Hospital grade disinfectants, EPA registered-CDC tested & approved
We adhere to CDC guidelines wearing proper protective equipment.
Our COVID-19 DISINFECTING PROGRAM pays special attention to all common areas where multiply people are touching certain necessary surfaces during the work day such as kitchen counters and tables, restrooms, workstations and copy rooms.
I know as the owner or CEO of any office you understand that employees are nervous about coming back to work or should they come back to work and is it safe? There's so many questions and so many conflicting answers. There are legal steps to take insuring you, as owner, do all you can to insure a safe working environment and there's the emotional side to consider of the staff as you look toward getting back into the work environment.
We can help. Call us and set up a free consultation so we can help guide you and your employees back to work.
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Keyboards need constant disinfecting
Coronavirus prevention medical surgical
Use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day.
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Wash your hands often
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Jani-One Atlanta provides Professional disinfecting and decontamination for COVID 19.
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